House Rules

Swinger rules 

Some common sense  swinging house rules that keep the wheels turning smoothly!



  • KiwiKlub is for mature adults. Don't post items containing racist, sexist or derogatory comments.
  • Anything containing images of child pornography or bestiality is absolutely forbidden.
  • respect our members and staff and they will do the same with you.
  • Don't post email addresses, cell numbers and other personal contact details. Not only is it dangerous, but the site provides more than enough ways to contact other members.
  • Profiles with avatars always get more attention. Your genitals might be lovely to you, but as a profile pic you will just be another "dickhead".
  • Check to see if a member has been verified. These members have attended a KiwiKlub event and met the moderators, so you know that they aren't fake. Maybe you too could meet them!
  • If a member blocks you or doesn't accept your friend's request, don't keep sending new ones. It's only going to confirm that they were right about you in the first place. If they change their mind, they will contact you. 



  • Only verified KiwiKlub members can attend our parties. You can get verified before a KiwiKlub event.
  • KiwiKlub has socials and parties. Socials are meet and greet style events whilst parties are for dancing, socializing and obviously swinging.
  •  No drugs! This is a serious no-no!  We do not want or take kindly to people bringing drugs to a party. We will ban and report you.
  • Dress code is smart sexy. Please don't come dressed in plakkies and tracksuit will be turned away.
  • Drinking is okay, getting drunk is not. Go easy on the booze....drunks are not sexy.
  • No-one wants to see themselves on Facebook in a compromising position. That's why the only camera allowed at the events is our camera. (For the same reason, we don't allow cellphones in the club or play areas)
  • Booking for events can be done on the site. Its quick and easy!
  • All costs, including party and site subscription, can be paid at the door on the night of the event.
  • Be yourself! There really is no reason to try and be anyone else.
  • Respect the other members.


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