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Step 1: Become a member

  • Create an online KiwiKlub profile
  • Browse the website, chat to some members, make some friends, share some pictures
  •  But...there are some limits on what a free member can do on the website
  •  And you cannot see party photo's or attend KiwiKlub.com parties.......just yet


If thats all you want, its all good. Nothing more needs to be done
But if you want it all....

Step 2: Upgrade to paid member

  • Get instant access to all KiwiKlub swinger party pictures
  • Unlimited friends
  • Send unlimited private messages
  •  Be eligible to attend all our events


Attend a swinger party 

So now you are a paid member....you want to attend a swinger party, right?

Step 3: Book online for a KiwiKlub party

  • You do NOT need an invitation to attend a KiwiKlub event.
  • Booking can be done online.


Step 4: Get your profile verified

  • The doors open at 8.30pm
  • The introduction, rules and club tour starts at 9.00pm. It takes about 30 minutes.
  •  You can join the party after you have attended the introduction and done the club tour.
  • Dress code is the party theme or smart sexy!
  • Your profile will get verified after attending the event.



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